Monday, 19 February 2018

Parent & Alumni Testimonials -2017-18 - (Videos -18) - Date: 29 Dec 2018

Jain International Residential School

Parent & Alumni Testimonials -2017-18

Delighted parents, children & Alumni of JIRS share their notion about JIRS at 18th Annual Day celebration!!   -  29 Dec 2017


Parent Testimonials - 29 Dec 2018

Alumni Testimonials - 29 Dec 2018


Thursday, 15 February 2018

IBDP Year 1 students - CAS field trip to Ooty, The NilgiriS - (VIDEOS-12 - PHOTOS-115)

Jain International Residential School

IBDP year one students on a CAS field trip to Ooty, The Nilgiri Hills and give a helping hand to farmers from 17-01-2018 to 22-01-2018

(Coordinator – Mr. Raveen Richard & Mrs. Pavithra)

Students for formers engaging students in causes matter. A village survey by CAS students in upper Nilgiris. IB students studied the education system of Badaga architecture and daily life of villagers. Students also visited first stone house built by the Badaga community in Thuneri Village and connecting students with communities. Study about the green house farming methods, Farmers livelihood, connecting students to the issues that matter….. Study of health system of Rural India, visited Primary health care center and interviewed health workers.